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Marketing Articles for The Drippy Tap's Pre-Launch

If you're looking for marketing articles that you can use in your business-to-business marketing, now's a great time to invest in a year's membership of The Drippy Tap, as there's 10% Pre-Launch Discount.

Premium Members who join by 24 December 2010 will get access to the archive of marketing articles before Christmas!

... Perfect for putting your marketing-related New Year's resolutions into action!

What will these articles be on?

The articles are written to be of interest to your customers, i.e. SMEs who want to grow their business. So the topics include a range of subject including marketing, sales, customer service, copywriting, websites, design, and general business topics.

Here's a sneak preview of what will be available for Premium Members next week:

  • Is Your Website’s Contact Us Page Actually Deterring Prospects?
  • How To Stop Those Cliff-hanger Endings In Your Sales Meetings
  • 4 Simple Tips On Giving Your Customers A Worry-Free Buying Experience
  • What Do The Colours Of Your Logo Say About Your Business?
  • Do You Assume That Everyone Who’s Bought From You Is A Customer?
  • Have You Re-Aligned Your Marketing Tactics For Today’s Challenges?
  • Is Your Business Card Harming Your Image?
  • How To Use Positive Language For Positive Results
  • Why Do Some Prospects Dither For So Long – And Then Back Out?
  • Should You Really Bother With An FAQs Page On Your Website?
  • Does Your Marketing Splutter Like A Smoky Old Engine?
  • How To Implement A Mystery Shopping Campaign That'll Motivate Your Team
If you join as a Premium member with the 10% discount, the price per article (including the Quick Tips) is just US$3.11 per article!

I've personally written all these articles myself, so you can be assured that they're top quality and professionally-written.

Plus there's a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can sign-up with confidence.

Want these articles?

Become a member of The Drippy Tap here:

Be quick, the 10% Pre-Launch Discount expires on 24 December 2010!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Struggle To Find Time For Your Marketing?

Web, Design, PR & Marketing Professionals & Business Consultants:
Do You Struggle To Find Time For Your Marketing?

Chances are, you’re always telling your clients they should send regular newsletters or post regular blog updates.

And you have every intention of doing so yourself.

But you just get too busy, and it never quite happens.

Where do the days go?

Somehow, the days are so busy working on your clients’ projects that you never seem to find the time for your own marketing. The days turn into weeks; those weeks turn into months; and a year later very little has changed!

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t actually take very much to do these things. Well, not if you’ve got some handy, cost-effective resources to help you...

Imagine a drippy tap.

(Or a drippy faucet, if you’re American.)

Each drip doesn’t seem to have much of an effect by itself.

But over time, these drips can fill a container – to the extent that it’s over-flowing.

That’s what your regular client communications are: a refreshing drip. The drips should be interesting and add value. They help you stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.”

- Lucretius

When your customer is ready to buy, chances are it’ll be you that they call.

Because you’ve been drip drip dripping them useful information.

But how do you do drip-feed valuable information regularly –
in a way that’s convenient AND affordable?

Here’s your solution...

You are emailed a selection of fresh articles each month, that you can use as you wish.

That’s right, you can buy a non-exclusive licence to use quality, professionally-written articles without fear of infringing copyright.

(Stock photography libraries have been around for long enough – this is a similar idea, except it’s for articles.)

You can tweak those articles, or use them as they are. Use them for your:

  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Website resources
  • Social media updates
  • Information sheet library
  • Networking group speeches
  • Whatever you like, provided it’s for marketing your own business. See the Terms & Conditions for more details.

... Keeping in touch with your clients and prospects has never been this convenient!

Who is this for?

Anyone in a marketing-related industry who communicates with their clients in English. That includes:

  • Marketing consultants
  • Business consultants and business coaches
  • Graphic designers and advertising agencies/companies
  • Web designers, web developers and online marketing companies
  • PR companies and PR consultants
  • Copywriters.
  • Any business-to-business organisation, whose clients are interested in business and marketing articles.

Won't it be obvious I'm using 'stock' articles? Will my clients see other businesses using the exact same articles as me?

Licence numbers are limited to 0.04% of businesses in each country. (Yes, we've obtained official national statistics and crunched the numbers.)

That means that there's very little chance that your clients will notice. It's very similar to using stock photos on your website.

Remember, you're welcome to edit the articles to add your own messages and personality if you wish.

Great value

You get a year’s supply of articles for about the same price as it would take a copywriter to write you just one article.

Wondering what the articles will be like? Read some samples here >>

A whole year's worth of articles for the price of one!

Find out more about The Drippy Tap's article service >>

Monday, November 29, 2010

The fastest five years ever?

Last week I got an enquiry from a prospect who'd put her business on hold for 5 years due to personal reason.

That caused me to reflect just how much has changed in 5 years:

... We've gone from boom times, through a recession, to a new economy that is unpredictable and volatile.

... Technology (especially the internet and Google) have transformed consumer behaviour. The way we research products and services has changed dramatically. Printed directories are seriously struggling. Therefore having a website (and a good website at that, with Attraction and Conversion factors nicely covered 0ff) is more important than ever.

... Prospects and customers are probably more demanding than ever: and it has never been so easy for them to compare you against your competitors.

... Social media has become HUGE. And many business owners are wanting to jump on the bandwagon without understanding it, or are too scared to go anywhere near it!

It's a brave new world out there. Has your marketing adapted?

That said, many of the "old" pillars of business still hold true:

-- Having a plan is a good idea: just be prepared to review it and update it regularly.
-- Good, old fashioned customer service is NEVER out of fashion.
-- Working consistently and diligently usually does pay dividends, provided you keep an open mind and open eyes to things going on around you.
-- One person's problem is another person's opportunity!

Small changes, big results

I read an interesting article at the hairdressers today, I think it was in Marie Claire magazine.

4 women had to do one new thing repeatedly, each day for 30 days.

These challenges were quite simple, but still required thought on how to achieve this within a busy schedule.
  • One woman had to wear red lipstick every day. The result: she felt more confident, and got lots of compliments - people responded differently to her. She started taking more pride in her appearance in general, and feels empowered.
  • One woman had to phone her mother every day - and she wasn't sure if this would be a good or bad thing for their relationship. The result: she understands her mother a lot better, and have a closer relationship - more like friends than the mother/daughter roles.
  • One woman had to eat all her meals off a real plate. The result: she thought more carefully about her diet, but the ongoing change is that she and her partner are eating their breakfast together every day. These 10 minutes spent daily with her partner has improved their relationship, and the quality of their everyday lives.
  • One woman had to meditate every day - something which she found difficult to do. The result: not only did it help her manage her stress levels, but her approach to life is a bit more "zen".
Apply the same approach to your marketing...

Yes, we'd all like to have a slick marketing machine that we can just rev up quickly and easily!

But it takes time to achieve that.

So just do one thing consistently. It'll become quicker and easier over time. And once you've mastered that, add another small but manageable task to your list.

What sort of things could you be doing?

  • Posting to your Facebook page each week.
  • Writing an article every fortnight.
  • Phoning an existing client (or lapsed client) - 1 call a day.
  • Write one thank you card every week.
Most of us are guilty of putting these types of tasks off - often week after week. And then we feel guilty about it, and we write it off as being a "bad idea" anyway to make ourselves feel better.

But just think what kind of changes you can achieve by doing something small.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't put yourself under the pressure of trying to do that.

Just one small thing at a time.

Small changes over a sustained period of time will lead to big results!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you ever feel like you're chasing your tail?

Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever – but not getting ahead?

Running a small business is hard work: there’s all the admin, sales, marketing and management to do – as well as your actual job.

Perhaps you're struggling to:
  • Get more customers through the door?
  • Convincing those customers to buy from you?
  • Get the best performance out of your team?
  • Maintain - or grow - your profit margins?
  • Have a good balance between work and life?
It's hard having to do all of that.

And how do you even know where you're going wrong, so you can fix things?

Introducing Business Soda...

It's about helping you identify the missing ingredient that'll help you rise to the top.

Rather than having to attend dozens of seminars, Business Soda is a group of experienced business professionals each bringing a different ingredient to your business success.

To sign up for obligation-free updates and info, please complete the form on the home page of the Business Soda website.

Above: Cornelia Luethi took the hocus-pocus out of marketing at the first Business Soda workshop earlier this month.

Full day training seminar on Friday 30 April 2010

Each of the 5 Business Soda team will be equipping you with new skills and techniques at this interactive full day training workshop.

Where: 25 Bath Street, Parnell.

How much: There’s an Early Bird Discount: it’s just $295 till midnight Friday 16 April 2010.

From 17 April 2010 the price will be $395. Prices include GST.

Amazing value... grab your seat before it's fully booked!

How To Register

Details and secure online registration and payments are via the Business Soda website.

(If you’re not ready to book yet, but would like to get updates and info from Business Soda, you can sign up at the website homepage.)

Hope to see you at the next Business Soda event!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Have You Flossed Your Marketing Recently?

Some jobs are a real chore - just like flossing your teeth: you know that doing it is good for you, but it doesn’t make the job any more enjoyable.

Here’s how you can make those painful marketing tasks just a little bit easier…

Ooh, don't the Hollywood celebs look fab with their super white teeth?

Ever since I was a kid I've admired people with white teeth. These days I religiously brush my teeth twice a day (with whitening toothpaste), and even use the occasional at-home whitening treatments.

But flossing? Ewww!
Yes, I know it's really important and that it keeps teeth white and gums healthy. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Not on a daily basis - and even a weekly basis is a struggle. It's so easy to "forget" tasks we don't enjoy, that I've actually listed "floss teeth" as a weekly recurring task in my task management system. No joke.

The way I feel about flossing is how many small business owners feel about marketing. Something they know is important, but it's just a bit icky and they'd rather just forget about it.
Be brave - grab that marketing floss!

Have a think: which marketing task that you've been putting off would make the biggest positive impact on your business? Perhaps it's:
  • Working on your newsletter
  • Updating your social media status
  • Adding new content to your website
  • Writing an article
  • Making follow-up phone calls to your prospects or clients.

The important thing is that you firstly identify it - and then diarise it in a way you can't ignore. Hey, it's for your own good - you don't want your marketing teeth to fall out! ;-)

Is there a tool that can help you?

I've identified that part of the reason I dislike flossing so much is because I detest floss tape. All that wrapping it round your fingers is icky. And then it either gets slimy and slips, or cuts off the circulation in my finger tips because it's too tightly wound. Hideous!

To avoid that, and to make a yucky task slightly more bearable, I now use hand-held disposable flossers. They're far less icky and I don’t mind flossing quite as much. OK, it's still not my favourite task, but at least it's bearable.

What's your missing tool?

Think back to your list of marketing tasks that you've been putting off: is there a tool that could make those more bearable?
  • Maybe a new software programme would help you with your newsletter?
  • Or training on how to get the most out of your existing software?
  • A sales training course would make those customer calls less daunting?
  • Perhaps you could engage some outside help with marketing or copywriting?
Whatever it is, do it!

After all, you're the one responsible for your marketing (and your teeth).

While you may struggle to find someone to floss your teeth for you, at least it’s relatively easy to get help with marketing problems ;-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have you every wondered if your website could be working harder?

Great, you've got your website up and running - but are you wondering if you should be doing anything else with it?

But do all those computer words and technical jargon put you off?

Does that sound familiar?

Then the Website Owner's Manual is for you... and it's in a jargon-free, easy to read format.

Yes, you can rev up your website - and your business - for less than the price of a tank of gas!

But it securely from

This is a Risk-Free purchase, with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Plus there's a special bonus offer: "Getting Started With Social Media".

It's a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide for small businesses... all on the FX Marketing website.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does Your Website Have Stubble?

Updating a website is a chore that most business owners find as onerous as shaving their legs. But hairy legs aren't a good look, online or under your trousers...

Keeping a website updated is a chore as onerous to the small business owner, as it is for a lady to shave her legs regularly.

It’s one of those jobs that you know you should do, but man it’s a hassle. And there are so many great excuses: something else was more urgent; you ran out of time; and so on.

When it comes to your legs, hey, you’ll just wear trousers and leave them for another day.

Surely no-one’s going to see!

But that’s the day when you step into a deceptively deep puddle. Your shoes and socks are soaked right through. Rather than squelch squelch round the office, leaving pools of water in the carpet, you have no option but to take your shoes and socks off and pad around in bare feet.

Which is quite a chink in your corporate armour: you’re always known as the immaculate, well-tuned-out one. The embarrassment!

Uh-oh, Adam in Accounts is having a good old snigger at you in your bare feet. And judging from the looks he’s given you, know just know that he’s spotted your hairy ankles.

A similar scenario can occur with your website

After all, surely no-one actually reads every word on a website? So what if half the staff on the “About Us” page have left; or the Services you’ve listed are no longer relevant. And the Copyright date at the bottom is three years out of date. Details, details!

But one day you’ll get a prospect phone you up who’s read every single word on your website.

And they’ll ask you about something which you’ve long since forgotten about or discontinued. In short, they’ve caught you on your (hairy) back foot. And you spend the rest of the phone call trying to regain your credibility.

Not only will Adam in Accounts never see you in the same light again, neither will that prospect.

Regular attention makes the job less daunting

Schedule the time for the updates. Whether it’s once a week or once a month – set that time aside, and put up a big “do not disturb” sign if you have to.

It’s also a good idea to have an “ideas” document where you jot down all your thoughts as they pop into your head. That way, you’ll never be stuck with Blank Page Syndrome.

Like many chores, updating a website becomes a lot easier if you’ve created the time; got the tools to do it; and have everything you need right at your fingertips.

There’s no reason why you should ever be caught out with an out-of-date website (or hairy legs)!


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If you include any text, photographs or links on the page on your own products or services, please do that separately from the article itself. (Using a horizontal rule is a convenient way to do that.) That way, your clients will be able to clearly identify your services.

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Article written by Cornelia Luethi.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Report: Are You Making These Costly Mistakes In Marketing Your Small Business?

Marketing drives you nuts.

You know you need to do it, but by gosh it's a pain in the derriere. Right?

Yet sometimes you'll probably get all enthused and get stuck into with gusto.

But before long, you hit some hurdles and it all just seems to hard. The marketing goes on the back-burner.

Or if it's not that, then suppliers drive you nuts: finding them is hard enough, and then you keep chasing them, or don't get what you wanted, or the invoice comes as a complete shock.

With all these challenges, it's hardly surprising the most small business owners approach marketing with a bit of fear and trepidation

This free report shows you the shortcuts!

I've been working in marketing for more than 13 years, and I've learnt a whole repertoire of hints and tricks. Most of which are simple - if only you know about them!

For the first time, I've written them up and put them in a Report. Which is Free, in return for subscribing to my Marketing Tips newsletter. (Yes, your email details are kept secure - I hate spam too - and yes, you can Unsubscribe at any time.)

So you've got lots to gain (more time, more money, better marketing) - and nothing to lose. Apart from the 2 minutes to sign up and confirm your subscription.

(Two minutes that could save you a LOT of time further down the track!)
To sign up just follow this link!

PS. If you like what you read, please share the link with your colleagues!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Marketing Tips of 2009

Happy new year! The new decade is in full swing - a great time to dig into those projects that'll help you achieve your goals.

2009 was a funny or difficult year for many small businesses, so if you're looking for some ideas to help you get started, here's a re-cap of my most popular blog posts from last year.

Do go back and revisit them, especially if you missed them first time round. Chances are there'll be something there that'll be just the thing you're looking for to help you get inspired and kick-off your marketing projects.

The Basics:
  • What On Earth IS Marketing?
  • I Do A Great Job - So Why Should I Do Any Marketing?

General Marketing Articles:
  • 6 Steps To A Kick-Ass Customer Referral Programme: How To Get Your Customers To Recruit Even More Customers For You!
  • Top 15 Tips For Writing Killer Ads That Sell. (Did you know there's a formula for successful ads?)
  • How To Measure Your Campaigns With Response Codes. Extremely powerful, and could save you a LOT of $$$...
  • Should You Re-Design Your Logo?
  • How To Use Photographs To Maximum Effect In Your Marketing Materials.
  • How To Boost Your Direct Mail Response Rates: 10 Esssential Things You Need To Know.
  • Why Statements From Happy Customers Are Ultra-Powerful Marketing Tools.
  • What Does An Out-Of-Date Website Say About Your Business?
  • Marketing Has Changed: Has Your Business Adapted Its Tactics?
  • How To Network Your Way To Success. Make the most of BNI and other networking meetings!
  • The Rise And Rise Of Mobile Marketing. Includes case studies of how the iPhone can be used as a marketing tool.

Social Media Articles:

  • Why You Can't Afford To Ignore Social Media Websites.
  • 86% Of US Retailers Have Created A Facebook Page.
  • What's The Point Of Twitter?
  • Should Your Company Have A Facebook Page?

Book Reviews:

There's nothing like a good book to get you all inspired!
  • The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber. (Don't start up or run or business till you've read this!)
  • Building The Happiness-Centred Business, by Dr Paddi Lund. (Not happy in your work? Here's how to change things for the better.)
  • The Absolutely Critical Non-Essentials, by Dr Paddi Lund. (I love love love this book!)
  • The Brain Audit, by Sean D'Souza. (Invaluable ideas for increasing enquiries and sales.)
  • You Can Do It Too, by Rachel Bridge. (Advice and success stories from real people. No Branson or Roddicks here, just people like you and me. It makes the dream seem more achievable somehow...)
  • The Winner's Bible, by Dr Kerry Spackman. (Make 2010 your best year ever!)
Hint: you'll get the most out of these books if you read them in the order suggested here - they kinda flow on nicely that way :-)

Enjoy - and remember to give me a shout if there's any marketing or copywriting projects I can help with.